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Raw footage of independent filmmaker Adelin Gasana and his crew being bombarded by Creflo Dollar’s World Changers Church International security team and employees in The Bronx, New York as on-camera, man-on-the street interviews was being conducted for an upcoming documentary.

Introduction commentary from Adelin Gasana, director/producer of the independent documentary film, “Cuban America” for the University of Florida audience.

April 13, 2012
Antisteez Interview
Cuban America is an expository piece on the sociopolitical reality of Miami-Dade County.

In laymen’s terms? Basically the major influence loud and determined Cubans – such as my balsy, gangsta grandfolks and their descendants – have made on this beautiful city of ours.

For two and a half years Adelin Gasana has independently written, directed, and produced the film. It essentially documents the 50-year-story of the of the Cuban-American immigrant community that literally took over and conquered the Greater Miami region. The 96-minute film covers all the elements of the varying Cuban experience, including the more taboo topics such as race relations and discrimination among Cubans within the Cuban community itself.

Antisteez channeled its inner “Pepe Billete,” and sat with the maker of the project to pick his brain on the issue and find out more about what brought him to this topic. Continue →

November 2012
UVU Video Interview
UVU Video
uVu covered a special FIU screening of “Cuban America.” For the past 50 years the Cuban immigrant group has established a historical importance, political significance, and economic influence in the city of Miami. Through interview with Cuban American students, lawyers, professionals, teachers, entrepreneurs, politicians, activists ,authors, public intellectuals, academics, artists, and more, the film explores how this unique group shaped a sleepy, tourist town into a major metropolitan community and urban environment. Continue →

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