Democracy or Not

Democracy or Not

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The term “democracy” derives from early Greek connotation in political rhetoric and it has been an important subject and facet in modern day history. In his eleventh consecutive documentary, Adelin Gasana establishes the rhetorical meaning of the word with its applied practice in America society.

The 90-minute film parlays on an extensive overview and outlook America has undergone on the stance of democracy in recent history.

In the documentary, references to the principle aims of America’s founding fathers, the impact of the Civil War, the current stance economics and politics not only intervenes but at times work against the goals of democracy, the clash of capitalism and democracy, the problem of the media, and special corporate interests playing a role in governmental policies, convey a challenging look on America’s political rule and form of government.

Delivering his message with the help of university professors, experts in their fields from history and political science to mass communication and economics, Gasana attempts to argue the stance of whether it is fair to include the theoretical perspective of democracy with its realistic practice.

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