Such a powerful word
Such a power to a word
Only a few are worthy of its title
Only a few are lucky to be worthy to such a title
Some make it to that word
Some yearn to make it to that word
Years define such a word
Years define a person to such a word
A not so easy title to use
A not so easy title when it’s really meant to be used

It comes with a subtle pain
A hidden notion of peace of mind
Delivered insidiously
Through a kind of undisclosed darkness
The necessary trial one has to go through
The kind every artist goes through
The kind where any creativity envelopes from
Mixed with confusion
Sprinkled with frustration
Marginalized from satisfaction
Matching choices to destiny
Rendering thoughts from visions
It comes with its own freedom
And guarantees its own tragedy

A dream word
Molded out of the abyss
Captured in visual-spatial form
Very often overused
Even misconstrued
In meaning
In thought
In practice
In a lived experience
In a journey for meaning
For understanding
For closure
It is in the artist’s art
It is in the artist’s true art form
To live it
To express one’s presence through it
And by it

Everyone and anyone desires such a title
But only a very few are actually picked
Youtube and Amazon made a lot think they deserve it
But time, work, audience, and the market prove just who truly attained it
Few are worthy of its power
Few understand its significance
The title to such a person is pushed by motivation
Driven because of inspiration
The term ‘independent’ usually accompanies such a title
Yes, idealism mocks such a person
Hunger eats away at this person
But it is only real when it burns
Even before one sees the light
As this artist captures a moment of a moment
And by a moment

From concept to completion
From start to finish
All production phases included
All the way through distribution
The word follows the predestined
The kind of destiny one cannot run away from
Lights, camera and then action
The title takes over one’s identity
One’s ethos
One’s place in the world

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