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Born in “the land of a thousand hills” in the beautiful African country of Rwanda as an identical triplet Adelin Ugizimana Gasana moved to the United States when he was just a toddler. Always the self-professed overachiever Gasana excelled in school and other activities he pursued even being captain of his high school basketball team. He lived in Chicago for nearly half of his childhood and South Florida for over a decade and a half. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Growing up in an immediate family of educated family members Adelin Gasana graduated from the University of West Florida in Pensacola, Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunication/Film & Philosophy as a Dual Major with Magna Cum Laude honors. It is in college where he began to experiment with socially conscious, thought-provoking documentary film projects. With that experience he has solely produced, edited, directed, written, and in some of the films narrated a range of documentaries on varying important subject matters in politics, economics, psychology, society, history, and the environment.

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For the past several years Adelin Gasana has moved forward in his career as an independent filmmaker both as a producer and director. He gained ground and experience to what the corporate television industry and independent film industry both have to offer.

Gasana Film Festivals

Gasana has worked on sets for morning TV news shows, music video shoots, reality TV show pilots/episodes, promotional videos, infomercials, concert/performance pieces, commercial shoots, along with professional videography work for corporations, weddings, and more. Gasana has utilized his talent and passion in growing to be a proficient writer, editor, camera operator, producer, and director in the documentary film genre. His film works have appeared online through video on demand, in film festivals, theaters, college campuses, bookstores, library branches, classrooms, and on television.

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